Clear Braces – Nearly Invisible Teeth Straightening for Palm Beach Gardens Adults

Clear Braces - Nearly Invisible Teeth Straightening for Juno Beach Adults If you want to straighten your teeth or correct a bite problem, you have more orthodontic options in Palm Beach Gardens than ever before. The current menu of orthodontic treatments requires a whole new glossary. Here are some of the common orthodontia terms heard around Palm Beach Gardens.

Lingual Braces and Invisible Braces
These are sometimes described as ‘braces behind the teeth’. These braces are just as effective at realigning adult teeth as the traditional ‘metal and wires’ kind but are almost completely hidden. Many Palm Beach Gardens adults and teens who straighten their teeth choose this type of orthodontia.

Invisible braces work great for many Palm Beach Gardens braces patients. To find out if Invisalign invisible braces are the best type for your teeth, lifestyle and budget, schedule an orthodontic consultation at Weinberg Dentistry by calling (561) 420-0770. We can help you determine which type of adults braces system is right for you and your smile.

Traditional and Clear Retainers
Once a Palm Beach Gardens clear braces or traditional braces patient has completed treatment, retainers must be worn regularly to keep the beautiful straight teeth in their corrected position. There are several types of retainers available for Palm Beach Gardens cosmetic dental patients. The time-tested Hawley retainer consists of a metal wire that surrounds the teeth and keeps them from shifting. The metal wire is attached to a molded acrylic form that fits snugly in the upper mouth (palate) or lower mouth.

Clear retainers are newer on the Palm Beach Gardens orthodontic scene. They cover the teeth like a see-through glove and do not need metal bows or clasps. Some Palm Beach Gardens retainer wearers believe clear retainers are more comfortable than Hawley retainers.

You don’t need to suffer with a mouth full of metal to get the beautiful teeth you are seeking. Let us, your cosmetic dentistry practice, help you develop a custom treatment plan for your smile.

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