Chipped Tooth? No Need To Panic!

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There are basically two ways to handle a chipped tooth: 1. Panic. 2. See Dr. Brion Weinberg right away and get on with life. Dr. Brion Weinberg at Weinberg Dentistry can fix a chipped tooth in a jiffy by determining the right solution and expertly preforming the procedure. Decay, missing teeth, braces, and even crowns […]

Cosmetic Dentistry vs. General Dentistry In Juno Beach

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Juno Beach Cosmetic Dentistry

Hello, I’m Dr. Weinberg Brion. Welcome to my Juno Beach cosmetic dentistry blog. Today’s article focuses on the difference between general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry. General dentists in Juno Beach are dedicated to preventing and treating oral disease such as cavities and gum disease. When a problem is diagnosed, let’s say, a cavity between two […]

How Do You Measure Dental Success?

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How do you measure “dental success?” A check-up with no cavities? A perfect smile? A crown that looks as natural as the surrounding teeth? It could mean all those things and many more. For a child, dental success could be defined as a childhood free of cavities, learning daily dental hygiene practices, and gaining an […]

Make Your Teeth Happy In Juno Beach

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Florida is known for its beautiful smiles, and our local Juno Beach community is no exception. Keeping your teeth clean is an important factor in maintaining a beautiful smile. One of the benefits of regularly visiting your local Juno Beach, Florida dentist is receiving a thorough teeth cleaning and a review of your brushing habits. […]

You, Only Better

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If you’re looking for the brightest, whitest smile possible but insist that you want it to look natural, Dr. Brion Weinberg can sit down with you and show you how to achieve it. 561-622-7220 Here at Weinberg Dentistry we use effective, cost sensitive, cutting-edge methods and tools as we create the best smile for each […]

6 Ways Dental Crowns Restore Palm Beach Gardens Smiles

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Dental crowns have been around a long time, but they continue to play an important role in Juno Beach cosmetic dentistry. A dental crown, often called a cap, covers the visible part of the tooth. Dental crowns are used for several problems common among Palm Beach Gardens cosmetic dentistry patients: An old crown that is […]

Celebrity Smiles in Jupiter without the Annoying Paparazzi

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Celebrity Smiles In Palm Beach Without The Annoying Paparazzi

Hello friends of Weinberg Dentistry! Close your eyes. Picture the most beautiful smile you have ever seen. Perhaps it is the smile of your significant other. Perhaps it is your favorite actor, actress, or singer. What makes this smile memorable? The brilliant color? The beautiful translucency? The pleasing shape? The alignment of the teeth? All […]

5 Smile Makeover Questions For Juno Beach

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How Much Does A Smile Makeover Cost In Juno Beach

If you are considering a multi-procedure smile makeover or extensive restorative dental work, here are five considerations: All At Once Or Over Time? At Weinberg Dentistry, our Juno Beach smile makeover patients can often receive several (or all) procedures in one visit. It all depends on the specific procedures necessary to achieve your perfect smile. Dr. […]

Your Smile Doesn’t Have To Show Your Age

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Your Smile Doesn’t Have to Show Your Age in Juno Beach

As we grow older, we may welcome many changes. However, most Juno Beach retirees do not welcome wrinkles, gray hair and dental problems. Fortunately, your smile can be attractive and healthy throughout your golden years! Even if your teeth are showing visible signs of wear such as enamel loss, staining, and chips, it is not […]

Sparkling Smiles At Weinberg Dentistry

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Welcome to Weinberg Dentistry dental blog, Juno Beach! I am Dr. Brion Weinberg. Today’s post focuses on teeth whitening. Unfortunately our teeth lose their luster as we grow older, but I see staining on young patients, as well. Palm Beach Gardens area residents of all ages want whiter teeth. To protect from staining, it is […]